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State of Indiana v. William E. Pettitt
Administrative Cause No.: SBRLS 08-04

William E. Pettitt, PLS
Pettitt & Associates, Inc.
P.O. Box 412, Hanover, IN, 47243
Phone: 812-866-2562

Mr. Pettitt simultaneously holds the title of administrator of the Jefferson County Plan Commission and is running for his third term as the incumbent County Surveyor.

Licensed in Indiana as a Land Surveyor since 1990, Mr. Pettitt has had more than two decades to perfect his trade. Instead, he has been reprimanded and sanctioned by the State for unfit practice due to professional incompetence, imposed civil penalties, and violated the terms of probation resulting in further sanctions.

His probation was withdrawn in February 2012, but that does little to assure the public that history will not repeat itself. Tell Mr. Pettitt that enough is enough with your vote in November.

Any survey or licensing questions or concerns should be directed to the State Board of Registration for Land Surveyors  or the Indiana Attorney General  to file a consumer complaint.

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Alternatively, CLICK HERE to download the above documents from the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency

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