Stop Armand

Ralph Armand, the county’s infamous administrator of the Jefferson County Health Department has been allowed to perpetuate public distrust through self-serving, destructive, authoritarian and heavy-handed administration of arbitrary policies that serve only his own self interests.

Although Armand claims authority, Dr. John Hossler is the County appointed Health Officer. He alone is responsible to the State of Indiana and the Citizens of Jefferson County. He must be held accountable for Mr. Armand’s despicable actions (please view flow chart below in this post.)

Mr. Armand is now targeting the victims of the March 2012 tornadoes that so devastated Chelsea and surrounding communities in Jefferson County. Armand and his staff are further persecuting the victims of this tragedy, starting with the demise of the Chelsea General Store. He has also erroneously notified numerous citizens that they cannot rebuild without totally replacing their perfectly functional septic system with one that costs substantially more than one in surrounding counties and may only be installed by his very short and controlled list of approved installers.

If you think this is wrong and you want to help the victims of the tornado or if you have been personally affected by Mr. Armand’s dirty deeds, then it is imperative that you take action now.

Please call your elected Commissioner & the Jefferson County Board of Health and  demand accountability and reform of the entire Jefferson County Health Dept. You can further support this cause by attending the next commissioner’s meeting on Friday, March 30th at 9am EDT at:

Jefferson County Commissioners Office
300 E Main St Rm 103 • Madison, IN 47250
Telephone: 812-265-8944

If you would like to speak at the meeting or at the Board of Health meeting you need to call and request to be added to the agenda prior to the meeting.

Whatever you do – do something. We need to stop the Corruption. Ralph Armand & his staff must be replaced with people that work for our citizens and businesses, not against them!

Stop the Corruption by Removing Ralph Armand & his Staff from Office Now

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