Pass the Buck

An informal petition drive procured more than 2,000 Jefferson County taxpayer signatures demanding the removal of Ralph Armand.


Keep Pasing the Buck

The petition was presented to the Board of Health last Tuesday and acknowledged by Julie Berry at the Commissioner’s meeting on Friday, a pertinent fact curiously omitted by the Madison Courier. I wonder why?  Commissioner Berry also admitted that over the YEARS, she has received numerous complaints regarding our health department administrator … [and yet she did nothing.]

In addition, the Commissioners continue to receive daily communication from a very frustrated and angry public that as she put it, has expressed a “confidence issue” with the health department. We can always count on Commissioner Berry to be politically correct in her words, but what about her actions, or lack thereof?

The Commissioners are responsible for appointing the health board members to 4-year staggered terms. Every year the Commissioners have an opportunity to make changes to the board … yet nothing ever changed and Armand was allowed to continue his victimization. Commissioner Berry is equally at fault in perpetuating the current “confidence issue” that has now infected not only the health department, but also Jefferson County’s highest executive branch.

The Commissioners praised Dr. Hossler for his efforts to personally meet with some of the victims of the tornado and his administrator, Ralph Armand. However, more than 6-weeks later, three victims remain homeless, without resolution and a 4th victim has the burden of proof to prove their fully functional and grandfathered septic system is in a different location from the permit issued 16-years ago.

Despite all the lip service, the current administration continues to dis-serve the public and defy logic in direct conflict with the intent of the resolution passed by the Commissioners to accommodate and assist the victims in rebuilding their homes and lives.

Dr. Hossler as our appointed health officer is responsible for the administration of the health department. He has the authority to hire and fire his administrative staff, including Mr. Armand. Unfortunately, Dr. Hossler has chosen to defend his administrator – at the expense of the public trust. The board of health now must force their hand to protect the very public they are appointed to serve and they better. Shame on all you!

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