Have you been DENIED a Septic Permit
or Installers Permit in Jefferson County?

Were you provided a WRITTEN NOTICE from the Jefferson County Health Department (JCHD) of the reason for the denial?

  1. Did the Notice provide corrective actions required and the time period allowed to make any such corrections in writing?
  2. Did the Health Department make subjective changes that failed to cite governing State Rules or County Ordinances in writing?
  3. Were you informed in writing or given a copy of the County Health Ordinance pertaining to the installation of on-site septic systems, which included your right to appeal a denial, including instructions on the process and procedures required to file an appeal (or to report harassment or inappropriate behavior of the Health Department Administrator?)

If the answer is NO to any of the above questions, then the Jefferson County Health Department is in violation of not only their own arbitrary Ordinance, but the governing State Health rules and regulations. You are in fact, an aggrieved party with options.

Approved Jefferson County Mound Septic System

The JCHD Cartel

Jefferson County citizens are NOT being served, but exploited by the current Jefferson County Health Department. We must DEMAND accountability from our elected Commissioners and the Board of Health they appoint. Immediate action is critical to halt further abuse and harassment of the citizens of Jefferson County at the hand of their hired administrator, Ralph Armand.

Mr. Armand, in his official capacity as the administrator of the JCHD has been empowered to and has engaged in unfitting, hostile and harassing conduct with the very citizens and businesses he is hired to serve.

For decades, he has strictly controlled a very short list of “approved installers”, making it virtually impossible for new installers to enter the market, resulting in substantially greater costs and limited choices when compared to surrounding counties.

Additional permit requirements and denials have been verbally mandated in violation of Indiana Code and the County Ordinance. By threatening penalties or other coercive actions, such as the arbitrary and unsubstantiated requirement to install a much more expensive system or equipment, Armand and his administration further victimize the citizens for fear of retaliation because a building permit cannot be issued without the prerequisite septic permit.

These corrupt business practices violate State and Federal Antitrust laws prohibiting both price-fixing by competitors and monopolization of a market. Aggrieved private individuals or organizations can sue for triple damages for antitrust violations and also recover attorney’s fees ( ).

Denial and failure of our elected and appointed officials to act immediately to protect the citizens of Jefferson County amounts to condoning Mr. Armand and his actions. To maintain the status quo unnecessarily exposes the tax payers of Jefferson County to the very real risk of prohibitively expensive litigation, lost commerce and faith and trust in our elected officials.


Indiana Septic Code ( )

County Ordinance2011-5 ( ).


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