Community Meeting

Sorry for the late notice but this quickly evolving grassroots movement requires immediate community action.

Tomorrow, Saturday, April 7th, starting at 10am EDT, the Chelsea Township Trustee has graciously offered to open her personal home to the community to address the serious mismanagement and corruption in our health department.

Anyone that has been aggrieved, harassed, or intimidated under threat of retaliation in the form of an unjustified, prohibitively expensive septic system that costs substantially more than surrounding counties, have been denied the ability to become an “approved installer”, had your food license held in jeopardy by the Jefferson County Health Department or other concerns is highly encouraged to attend and share your story or frustrations in dealing with the Jefferson County.

Of pressing concern is addressing the further victimization of the survivors of the deadly Chelsea tornado by our health department. Learn why a grandfathered functioning septic system is NOT subject to a permit or replacement.

But we are not stopping there. In addition to demanding the immediate termination of Ralph Armand, their infamous administrator, the entire health department is requires responsive reform and policy changes to prevent the same abuses from ever occurring again; all necessary to restore integrity and accountability to the citizens of Jefferson County.

Please join us in solidarity at 10 am Saturday, April 7th at

7345 S Taylor Rd
Lexington, IN 47138

Call for more information

 812-701-1492 – or – 812-866-5299

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