Commissioners Meeting 4-26-12

Agenda: Public Video Service Board/Nomination, Bart Brown/Workforce Development, Vegetation Control Contract, DOC Contract, Community Corrections/Amber Finnegan, Federal Aid Project and Linda Sloffer/Elizabeth Church.

Near the end of the video (around minute 39), Tammy Monroe is introduced as the interim health dept. administrator, replacing Ralph Armand. She provides updates on septic permits still being processed for several tornado victims almost 2-months after the disaster. She said there is a possibility of getting State funds for septic systems. They hope to have answers in a few short days. Commissioner Julie Berry promised to contact the State.

Also discussed that FEMA covers up to 70% of costs but the applicant must first demonstrate that no other insurance coverage is available. The Health Dept. is issuing certificates of occupancy to a few grandfathered sites but the owner must validate their systems within 1 year. Two homeowners are unable to rebuild on their existing storm damaged site. Ms. Monroe also staid they are revisiting the “Approved Installer” process after public outpouring of serious concerns with the administration of the Health Dept.

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