Bad Apple

Thank you to everyone, including Commissioner Mark Cash for attending the community meeting and to Ruby Wehner for graciously opening her home to the public.

The meeting allowed victims of the septic permit process and food service sectors to find enough strength in numbers to share their personal experiences of intimidation, harassment and fear of retaliation they endured at the hand of the entire health department administrative staff. It is clear that one bad apple has been allowed to spoil the whole crop.

Continuing the pattern, more than 5-weeks have passed since the deadly tornado devastated Chelsea and three known victims are without resolution; without a building permit; without a home; unable to move forward – entirely because the county and State are both erroneously relying  the biased, unsubstantiated and arbitrary opinions of one man, Ralph Armand.

All the State and County agencies have expressed sympathy and mostly empty-handed offers to help, but none dare question Armand’s authority. It is time to get off the endless loop of empty promises.

Dr. John Hossler is the county Health Officer responsible to the State and the citizens of Jefferson County for the administration of the health department. He has failed to protect the citizens of Jefferson County and must be held accountable.

Please attend the next commissioners and board of health meetings or call:  JCHD Chairman Dr. Patrick Leahey at 812-265-1556 and Commissioner Tom Pietrykowski at 812-839-3685 right away to express your concerns.

We must demand that Dr. Hossler take immediate action to terminate Ralph Armand and reform the health department or be prepared to bring unwelcome media attention, Kings Daughters Hospital and Health Services, and the County tax payers into this pit he helped to create.

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