Thank you for visiting our small town life chronicles. By sharing our story, it is our sincere desire to empower others to find direction to make informed decisions pertaining to life and liberty as it applies to all of us.

Our Historic Deputy Homestead in Winter

Our journey begins in Jefferson County. Centrally located between Louisville and Cincinnati on the Ohio River, Historic Madison is our county seat; the subject of the movie “Madison”, and home to Hanover College. Traditional small town, core family values reminiscent of  scenes from Curry and Ives set the stage among a pristine rural backdrop of crystal clear creeks, rolling farmland, winding hilly back roads, mature forests thriving with abundant wildlife.

But, appearances can be quite deceiving. Small town living also means small town politics. Overzealous, complacent, and even blatantly corrupt government officials with a total disregard for their constituents are unfortunately, all too common.

This is our story, our voice, our home, and our desire encourage others to become enlightened to protect and defend their God given sustenance rights and more importantly, to enjoy and cherish life.

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  1. Christie Stucker says:

    I have found the recent actions of Ralph Armand disgusting and causes a rise of anger amongst me, since I have had to personally deal with him and his staff myself. I started the Angel Food Program in Madison, Indiana and had an almost impossible time getting it going because of them. A member of the staff illegally came onto my property and after I kicked them out, later had the nerve to make derogatory comments on my business and the way it was ran. I ended up(as everyone following the Madison courier knows,) needing to move it twice in one month, due to the overwhelming need for this in the community. Once the news was out that this greatly needed community service was being provided, I had them hanging on my back the whole way. A meeting set up by Ralph with me and a partner to be at his office. Upon arrival we were aggressively questioned and reprimanded by him and two of his staff members. I would love to see him out of office. It has for years been known that he uses his leadership to his advantage. I guarantee his acquaintances have no problem running a business or getting building approval for a home! I feel for the community of Chelsea especially since we used to live there and most of the natives are family and friends, and god help Tony Williams’s soul. That was another greatly needed community service that will be extinguished.
    Sincerely Aggravated!

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