Letter to Madison Courier Editor

The Madison Courier OUR VIEW editorial on April 18th, 2012,  stated “but we still don’t know why Armand was fired.”

Had your reporters accurately covered and reported on ALL of the contentious issues raised by the countless victims during these public meetings and verified that Mr. Armand was exposed as misrepresenting the truth in the first place, you would not have asked such a foolhardy question, unless for political reasons.

Please prove that you are not a partisan publication and that you are indeed committed to fair and accurate news coverage by publishing the following letter.

Thank you for your consideration.

100 Percent Armand

Contrary to the Madison Courier article by Seth Grundhoeffer on 4/18/2012, Sherry Chapo has not led the community movement to have Armand removed from office. This grassroots movement was formed by concerned citizens from all walks of life that joined forces to protect the tornado victims from a predatory health administrator, heavy-highhandedly exerting authority not specifically granted in the State Rules and County Health Codes.

In the article, Mr. Armand called the decision to dismiss him “100 percent political” Exactly, what is political about a 7-member board comprised of 4-democrates and 3-republicans voting unanimously to dismiss their hired and not elected administrator for cause? Mr. Armand also claimed this old and tired defense in his prior felony Grand Jury indictment.

Mr. Armand further stated “Everything we’ve done has improved (the health department) 100 percent” The fact that only 4 (formal) complaints have been acknowledged by Mr. Armand in almost 30-years of dedicated service to the ungrateful public is proof that his administration has not followed procedures mandated under the State Rules and County Health Ordinances. When a question or forbid a dispute arises, there simply is no record on record.

If not for Commissioner, Tom Pietrykowski, the voice of reason and the people, the lack of a responsive appeals process, along with other blatant deficiencies, misrepresentations and downright lies perpetrated on the public by this health department administrator and his staff would never have been exposed to the media and forced to be addressed by the health board.

The simple process of applying for a septic permit is overly complicated, burdensome, arbitrary and restricted to a small controlled pool of “approved installers” with an overinflated price tag worthy of supporting a lucrative personal life style for someone.

The health department has enabled this oppressive administrator to negatively impact the economic viability of Jefferson County for decades. As the rest of the nation slowly crawls to recovery, we have reached our day of reckoning.

As of April 18th, only 2-septic permit applications are on record in our county for 2012. In comparison, 38 permits were issued in 2011. These numbers speak volumes. Jefferson County has earned the reputation of being a wonderful place to visit, put don’t even think about moving your family or business here.

Mr. Armand has been justly dismissed, but the same flawed ordinances and staff trained and contaminated by the current administration remains unchanged. A replacement or interim administrator will be addressed by the Board of Health on May 1st at 12:30pm, yet where is the advertisement of this job opening?

There is a talented and well educated pool of professionals in this county far better prepared to deal the very real challenges of reforming our health department and restoring the public’s trust. We deserve better and demand the same.

Respectfully Yours,
Sherry J Chapo

emailed to: The Madison Courier Editor

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